重量挙げの大会のために高校生が宿泊されました!Some high school students came to stay for weight lifting!

弱冠15歳、高校生男子3人組がゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に宿泊されました!



以前、東京から来られた大学生も、同じく はびきのコロセアムで重量挙げに参加するために庵に宿泊されていました。今はまだ普通の華奢な男子という感じでしたが、このたびの高校生たちも重量挙げをするような筋肉質な青年になるのでしょうか。礼節、重量挙げ、ともに今後が楽しみな若者たちでした。コロセアムは今後も大会で使われるでしょうから、徐々に成長する彼らが見れるかもしれません。

Just 15 years old, three high school boys came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka!

There's a weight lifting tournament at a place called Habikino Colosseum, and they came over to help organise the event, and to support the athletes by cheering them. 'We aren't participating in it.' said one of them with a shy smile.

They were really polite and courteous while they were here at the Guest House, which impressed me.

There was a university student from Tokyo who came to stay at Ioly before, and he was also here for the weight lifting event at the same venue.

The boys look thin like any other ordinary 15 year-old boy now, but will they grow to become wight-lifting athletes with huge muscles in the future? The Colosseum should continue to host the tournaments , so I might be able to observe how they grow up.

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