版画家の方が宿泊されました!A printmaker came to stay!

版画家の方が宿泊されました。ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 のラウンジで事務作業をされ、日帰りで京都に行かれました。作品展のポスターを頂いたので、早速ラウンジの壁に貼らせていただき、ラウンジが色鮮やかになりました!その方と他のゲストとゲストハウス庵のオーナーとで焼肉パーティーも開きました~! 関西にご用のときにまた宿泊されるとのことでした!

A printmaker came and stayed two nights. She did some work on her organiser and laptop in the lounge in Guest House Ioly Osaka during the day and went out to Kyoto for the evening. She brought us one of her exhibition posters, now it's on the wall in the lounge here and it made the whole room look far more colourful! We had an in-house BBQ with her and another guest one night!

She said she'd come back to stay with us when she has some business in the Kansai region again.

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