日本史の先生が来られました! A Japanese history teacher came here!



A Japanese history teacher came from Tokyo to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka! He has been travelling across the country for both his hobby and work, so he can learn about the local history and meet the locals, and he does it by the area. He travels at weekends on his days off, and this time his destination was Minami-Kawachi, Osaka. He visited Tondabayashi before he checked in at the Guest House, and then he told us lots of interesting stories about Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and many other places. After he checked out the next morning, he rented the Guest House's bike to explore the Furuichi Kofun Group. He also bought Tsuzumi fig sauce from Habikino, and stopped by at the sandwich shop 'Apricot' near Eganoso station. He had lots of local experiences in two days!! See you again next month!

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