チュニジアに住んでいた日本人 A Japanese who used to live in Tunisia

Updated: Nov 17, 2019




I took the Tunisian guest out to Fujiidera today.We visited Fujiidera-temple, Karakuni Shrine,

Chuai Kofun, Fujimoto sake brewery, had coffee at Tanoshiya, then we went to Tsudo-Shiroyama Kofun. There's an information office there with exhibits and a video playing, and some leaflets and brochures.

'Do you have the French brochures that were here the last I was here?' I asked, and since they didn't have any, the staff rang up the City Hall to ask about them. I told them that the English edition would do, but then they spoke with the Ciy Hall staff, and they offered to bring the French ones over to where we were!

After a while, a couple of people came to us and one of them turned out to have lived in Tunisia for 12 years, and she spoke with the Tunisian guy in fluent French! She seemed happy to 'speak French for the first time in a while', and he was surprised to meet a Japanese lady who had lived in Tunisia. It was such a delightful moment.

史跡城山古墳ガイダンス棟 まほらしろやま

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