サッカー少年 A football boy

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

愛知から、お父さんと息子さんの親子二人組がゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に来られました!サッカーボールの刺繡の入ったキャップを被ったその少年はサッカーをしていて、大阪市内の長居公園にサッカーの試合を観に来ました!元々ご出身が長野県松本市とのことで、松本FCとセレッソ大阪の試合を観に来られたそうです。



A father and son came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka from Aichi! The boy was wearing a cap with a huge football ball on it, and he plays football himself! They came to watch the football match held at Nagai Park, Osaka City.

When I mentioned that football originally comes from the UK, the father said that he liked British rock music. I asked him what exactly he liked, and he said he loved Stone Roses! I'd never thought I'd discuss Stone Roses with Ioly guests!! He said he preferred their first album while I liked the second one better, but we talked about each of their songs, the band members, and other bands that were related to them. We mainly had a blast talking about Stone Roses and Kula Shaker!🎸

As they were checking out the next morning, I asked the boy if he was going to be a professional football player in the future, and he said 'Yes!' straight away! Looking forward to hear about him in ten years!!⚽

松本FC https://www.google.com/search?q=%E6%9D%BE%E6%9C%ACFC&rlz=1C1JZAP_jaJP835JP835&oq=%E6%9D%BE%E6%9C%ACFC&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.3625j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

セレッソ大阪 https://www.cerezo.jp/matches/2020-02-16/

ストーンローゼズ Stone Roses


クーラシェイカー Kula Shaker


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