もずふるフォーラム Mozufuru Forum

先日、羽曳野市誉田(こんだ)にある、河内こんだハニワの里 大蔵屋さんの「もずふるフォーラム」なるものに行ってきました!

大蔵屋さんでは古墳や埴輪の資料やグッズが常設されているほか、埴輪づくり体験も提供されていて、ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 も埴輪づくり体験プランとして、庵に泊まって大蔵屋さんで埴輪づくり体験に参加するというセット・プランをご用意しております。



I went to an event called 'Mozufuru Forum' by Okuraya in Konda, Habikino, the other day.

Okuraya has lots of documents and items on kofun and haniwa, and they also offer the haniwa making experience, which Guest House Ioly Osaka has a set plan with, where you can stay at Ioly and participate in the haniwa making.

In the one-off event, they talked about the company and what they'd been working on, and a guy who knows a lot about kofun all over Japan gave a presentation about them, and some artisans talked about their kofun/haniwa related products, or the events they organise that are also to do with kofun and/or haniwa. We also sang a song about haniwa together! We shared a common feeling of interest towards kofun/haniwa, and we all had a great time!

Why don't you come over to try making your own haniwa yourself!!

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