あけましておめでとうございます!🎍HAPPY NEW YEAR!🥳

ゲストハウス庵(いおり)大阪 に、フランス人男性が宿泊されました!パリ在住のこの男性、以前、大阪羽曳野と京都に住んでフランス語の先生をされていたとのことで、お知り合いに会いに来られたのでした!イギリスに住まれていたという経験の持ち主でもあり、フランス語のほかに日本語と英語が堪能でした。現在パリでは、1960年代以来 最長のストが起こっており、街中の移動が大変だそうで、久しぶりに日本に来られて「パラダイスにいるみたいだよ!」と喜ばれておりました。イギリスにもフランスにも行ったことがあり元・英会話教師で、現在、羽曳野在住の庵スタッフと共通項が多く、話が盛り上がりました。



A French gentleman came to stay at Guest House Ioly Osaka! Living in Paris now, he used to live in Habikino, Osaka, and Kyoto as a French teacher before , and he came to meet some people he knows. He's also spent some time in England, and he's fluent in French, English, and Japanese. There's a long strike going on in Paris right now and he said it was really difficult to get around, and being in Japan for the first time in ages, he exclaimed 'I feel like I'm in paradise!' He and the Ioly staff member who also has been to both France and England and whose former job was an English teacher and currently lives in Habikino share a lot in common, and had a whale of time chatting with each other.

He and I drank Asuka wine over the New Year's countdown. He lives in Paris now, but he's originally from Bordeaux, and he complimented the Asuka wine we drank!!

Please come visit us again, monsiuer!!

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